Why do our members choose Steel Valley Fitness as an essential part of their health and fitness routine?

  1. 24-Hour Access

  2. Ladies OnlyWorkout Suite

• Clean and Comfortable Facility
• Convenient Location
• Top-Of-The-Line Fitness Equipment
• Official HAMMER STRENGTH Facility
• Supplements Available
• Personal Training Available
• Affordable Rates
• Several Membership Options
• “No Contract” Options
• Easy Payment Plan Available

Steel Valley Fitness invites you to stop in to take a look around and ask as many questions as you want. You will NEVER be pressured to join.  You can also take advantage of our one-week free pass.


EVERYONE is welcome here!

We believe that EVERYONE is entitled to be who they want to be, look how they want to look, and NOBODY should ever be discriminated against for their body size or muscle mass.

You have the right to be as healthy as you want to be, and you have the right to achieve your fitness goals without being judged or belittled.

NO ONE has the right to limit your success!

You are you! And you are truly amazing no matter what size you are!

We believe that 100%

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Regular business hours: Mon-Fri 9a-9p, Sat 9a-1p

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